EP YAYING New Chinese-Style Vest EGJPE1016BM

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Size 4
Color beige

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The inverted T-shaped boxy vest with a Chinese-style lapel features delicate and intricate embroidery with Su embroidery techniques, using elegant color combinations such as milky white, pale yellow, light green, and coffee brown silk threads. This conveys the subtle, restrained, and serene beauty of the East. The special handcrafted button design, featuring three-dimensional circular buttons, showcases meticulous craftsmanship. The asymmetric design of the lapel's right shoulder and the layered front closure patch create a modern and Oriental fusion. The positioning of the jade magnolia embroidery in an S-shaped curve downward on a single shoulder resembles a traditional Chinese painting of flowers and birds, exuding subtlety and elegance. Inspired by the painting "Spring Washing Medicinal Herbs" by the Qing Dynasty painter Yu Zhiding during the Kangxi era, the design captures the auspicious meaning of magnolia flowers, symbolizing prosperity, wealth, and good fortune.