EP YAYING New Chinese-Style Jacket EGJPW1230AW

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Size 4
Color white

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The elegant magnolia heavy-duty embroidered minimalist Chinese-style short jacket features a T-shaped silhouette to shorten the boxy shape, with a simple Chinese-style concealed hook-and-eye front design. The back small stand-up collar is detailed with satin-faced silk material, creating a rich contrast with the matte wool texture of the main body. The front sleeves are crafted with three-dimensional 0.1cm stitching, presenting a more three-dimensional and smooth sleeve shape. The front of the jacket is adorned with three-dimensional magnolia embroidery on one side, with the main body in off-white matte magnolia color, enhancing the minimalist texture. The inspiration for the magnolia comes from the painting "Spring Fountain Washing Herbs" by the Qing Dynasty artist Yu Zhiding during the Kangxi period. The homophony of "Óñ (yu)" and "ԣ (yu)" gives the magnolia flower the auspicious meaning of prosperity and wealth.