EP YAYING Maritime-inspired Parisian-style Coat EGJPC1206AY

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Size 4
Color yellow

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The light-colored coastal-style Parisian-inspired tweed jacket features a short length and is adorned with utility buckle straps, blending an elegant temperament with a sense of everyday vitality. The contrasting lining adds a touch of feminine energy, while the silver accessories highlight youthfulness. Made of lightweight tweed material, the jacket showcases a rich combination of colors through the use of mixed-color fancy yarns, with subtle silver embellishments for added elegance.

ÃæÁϳɷݣº33.2%ÔÙÉúÏËάËØÏËά33.2%REGENERATEDCELLULOSEFIBRES30%ÃÞ30%COTTON22.8%¾Ûõ¥ÏËά22.8%POLYESTER9.3%ëæÂÚ9.3%ACRYLIC4.5%½õÂÚ4.5%NYLON0.2%¾Ûõ¥±¡ĤÏËά0.2%polyester film fiber