EP YAYING Double E Buckle Low-heeled Loafers for a Youthful Look" EAIALXE03AH

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Size 36
Color black
Material Calfskin
Crafted from delicate calf leather, these shoes offer a soft and refined texture, with a subtle sheen that exudes a high-quality feel.

Adorned with Double E buckle decorations, featuring a symmetrical arrangement of zircon and resin beads, these embellishments showcase the brand's logo and reinforce a sense of brand identity.

The magic tape shoe design allows for easy and adjustable wear, accommodating various foot shapes and sizes without pressure, whether you have a high instep or wide feet.

Designed with a round toe and a one-step-on style for effortless wearing and a youthful, school-inspired look. Compact and age-defying, these shoes offer both versatility and comfort.

The high-resilience EVA outsole is lightweight and comfortable, enhanced with rubber eyebrow pads for added softness and comfort. The ankle-hugging design ensures a secure fit, making it easy to go about your day with ease.

With a 5cm thick sole for added height, these shoes effortlessly create a taller and slimmer appearance. Available in classic black and white, they are perfect for year-round fashion, adding a stylish and atmospheric touch to your outfits.

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