YAYING Traditional Chinese-style Short Jacket EPJPA1115AW

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Size 4
Color white

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The Chinese-style New Year auspicious attire features a stand-up collar tailored to elongate the neckline. At the front opening, there are handcrafted embroidered buttons adorned with auspicious peonies, created using a technique that combines small rice embroidery with beadwork. The handcrafted triangular edges outline the collar and front opening, showcasing the craftsmanship and quality.

Imported heavy-duty jacquard fabric from Spain is chosen for its simplicity and three-dimensional effect, complemented by the peony entwined pattern. The seemingly unrestrained floral lines actually require complex and delicate craftsmanship, demonstrating the overall magnificence and taste.

ÃæÁϳɷݣº87%¾Ûõ¥ÏËά87%POLYESTER7.4%¾Ûõ¥±¡ĤÏËά7.4%polyester film fiber5.6%ëæÂÚ5.6%ACRYLIC