YAYING Silk Flower Brocade Dress EPJES4622AG

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Size 4
Color green

Intangible cultural heritage silk Huaro dress, with a bamboo green hue reminiscent of traditional Chinese jade, embellished with exquisite ribbons and embroidered bead motifs, exceptionally gorgeous. Combining the traditional garment "cross-collar" with the "stand-up collar," it fully displays the beauty of elegant national style. The weaving technique of the intangible cultural heritage Huaro is captivating due to its "elegant demeanor, and thin yarn like smoke." With its unique weaving technique, the surface "yarn void" allows for a light and refreshing presence on hot summer days. Yaying joins you in conveying the beauty of intangible cultural heritage, interpreting the timeless charm of China with the light of the nation.

Fabric Composition: 100% Silk

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