YAYING Silk and Wool Knit Cardigan EPJPW9104AF

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Size 4
Color Pink

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V-neck straight-cut cardigan, featuring sesame seed point jacquard texture, which ensures stability and prevents deformation of the pattern. The back is tidy, and the silhouette is stable.

The main body is adorned with a motif of auspicious lions playing with peonies, depicted in raised floral design, adding a lively and natural touch, full of fun and aesthetic appeal, conveying the auspicious meaning of everything going smoothly.

Imitation crochet neckline edge decoration, along with different thicknesses of yarn, creates a rich jacquard layering effect.

Combining silk, wool, and cashmere, this cardigan offers elasticity, comfort, and excellent moisture absorption. Its smooth and soft texture enhances warmth and comfort.