EP YAYING Wool Knitted Vest EGJPG9005AM

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Size 4
Color beige

Straight-cut Vest, featuring a fashionable and trendy silhouette that pairs well with both skirts and straight-leg pants. Extracting elements from floral dragons, the position-embedding flower-inlay technique combines solid colors with textured patterns, achieving an ideal thickness through a sophisticated process. The pattern depicts a vibrant scene of a dragon soaring amidst auspicious clouds and peonies. The dragon's upward gaze exudes vitality, while its body is adorned with swirling flowers, stars, auspicious clouds, and other elements, combining with the genetic peony for a festive and auspicious touch. Crafted from a blend of wool and cashmere yarn, the fabric has a warm and plush feel. The advanced computer dyeing technology ensures vibrant colors, with dyes certified by OEKO-TEX.

89.4% Wool + 10.6% Cashmere

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