EP YAYING Traditional Chinese-style Coat with Disc Buckle EGJPC1201AI

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Size 4
Color rose red

Contemporary Chinese-style floral coat, featuring a tailored waistline and boxy silhouette. Crafted from a red-and-white alternating large-belly gauze material, the coat is not only fashionable but also exudes a relaxed vibe, creating an overall joyful atmosphere for the new year. The Chinese-style clasps are adorned with jade decorations. Interwoven with six custom floral-patterned yarns, the garment achieves a diverse yet balanced color palette. Incorporating butterfly-thin gauze, it embraces the vibrant and fresh atmosphere of spring and summer, creating a dreamy and beautiful look.

56.4% Acrylic + 26% Viscose + 8.9% Nylon + Polyamide Film Fiber + 5.6% Wool + 3.1% Polyester

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