EP YAYING Qiannan Totem Tote Bag EAJPLB020AZ

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Color Navy

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This handbag features the exclusive "Qiannan Totem" design by YAYING, which integrates colorful ethnic symbols hidden in the mountains and rivers into a fashion expression with a more oriental imagery through diverse fusion. By incorporating plant patterns, swirls, batik scroll flowers, window lattice flowers, and intertwined flowers into our designs and rearranging them, the "Qiannan Totem" is formed, imbuing the auspicious meaning of vitality, radiance, and enlightenment to all things.

The edges are crafted with hand-positioned punching and hand-woven leather strips, delicate and grand. The hand-applied beadwork on the bag surface, using mother-of-pearl beads, adds a sparkling detail.

Designed as a tote bag, it offers ample space for daily essentials and can easily accommodate short trips or travels of 1-2 days. It comes with a long shoulder strap for shoulder carrying, freeing up hands and reducing arm burden.

Outer Material 1: 50.2% Polyester Fiber, 48.3% Cotton, 1.5% Spandex
Outer Material 2: Cowhide Leather
Inner Material: 100% Polyester Fiber
Bag Size: 377mm140mm290mm