EP YAYING New Chinese-Style Cropped Jacket EGJPS1259AM

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Size 4
Color beige

The cropped boxy silhouette, clean and stylish, features a beige-gold color scheme with a floral and bird motif in gold thread, exuding an elegant Oriental beauty. It comes with a Chinese-style stand collar and a satin finish with a single-button design. The cuffs are adorned with folded satin edges in an acetate material, adding a fashionable yet Eastern charm. Utilizing heavyweight gold leather cutouts made from a blend of five different materials, the intricate design is woven using a large Jacquard loom with a balanced ratio, resulting in a strong texture and a striking three-dimensional effect, showcasing exquisite visual impact.

Backing Fabric: 44.9% Viscose + 30.4% Silk + 24.7% Nylon

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