EP YAYING Mesh Print Top EGJEA5511AZ

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Size 4
Color Navy

The Qian Nan blue and white tie-dye deconstructed waist cinched top features diagonal cutting, seamlessly blending asymmetry with the fractured feel of the print for a trendy look.

The diagonal high neckline exudes an elegant aura, while the sleeveless narrow shoulder design highlights the feminine charm. The meticulously adjusted banana-shaped silhouette adds more dimension, with the draped silk threads naturally wrinkling towards the waist side, creating an S-shaped cinching effect.

Incorporating knitted mesh fabric with silver metallic threads complements the cool tones of blue and white. Not only does it provide transparency, but it also offers excellent elasticity. The watermark technique on the mesh fabric creates a hazy visual effect, enhancing the overall artistic appeal of the design.


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