EP YAYING Lucky Woven Mini Handbag EAJPLB009AW

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Size F
Color white

EP YAYING Lucky Woven Mini Bucket Bag - Easily Accommodates Travel Essentials
This EP YAYING bucket bag is fun, elegant, and stylish, suitable for matching use; detachable chain shoulder strap, can be handheld or crossbody. Main details include the design sense of the bag body, detailed decorations, the handle uses winding knot craftsmanship, the bottom of the bag is quilted with coin patterns, good meaning, one-compartment bag structure, magnetic buckle opening and closing, small bag body for light travel, welcoming a good mood every day

Bag Size: 110mm*85mm*115mm

Outer Material: Cowhide Lining Material: 92.1% Polyester + 7.9% Spandex (including adhesive)

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