EP YAYING Loose Fit Flare Pants for Sports EGIAW6402AH

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Size 4
Color black
Combining the style of fashion flare pants with the comfort of sportswear, these pants seamlessly blend a feminine silhouette into athletic apparel, striking a balance between fashion and comfort. The contrasting side stripes vary in width, distinguishing them from typical uniform-width tape stripes. Our satin-finish stripe detailing involves a more intricate craftsmanship. These pants are suitable for various occasions.
Fabric Composition:

73.8% Merino Wool
18.4% Nylon
7% Polyester Fiber (including Polyester Thin Film Fiber)
0.8% Spandex
Lining Composition:

56.2% Viscose
38.6% Mulberry Silk
5.2% Spandex
Interlining Composition:

81% Triacetate Fiber
19% Polyester Fiber
Excluding decorations

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