EP YAYING Chinese Stylish Jacket EGJPS1205AH

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Size 4
Color black

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Luxurious and age-defying zodiac-inspired jacket, blending a cool and sweet new vitality with a touch of traditional Chinese style. The relaxed-fit baseball jacket silhouette and naturally shaped sleeves exude youthfulness and energy. Intricate dragon, auspicious clouds, and peony jacquard details add a modern and lively touch, interpreting a youthful and vibrant Chinese style. Crafted from a blend of silk, the color-woven jacquard incorporates traditional jacquard weaving techniques, while the addition of mulberry silk enhances the overall fabric texture. The fabric is crisp, well-structured, and has an elegant sheen.

45.6%ACRYLIC, 43.3%WOOL, 9.6%NYLON, 1.5%ELASTANE