EP YAYING Chinese-style Embossed Jacket EGJPC1272AZ

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Size 4
Color Navy

H-shaped Short Box-style Elegant Yaying Chinese-style Jacket, showcasing a graceful style amidst fashion. Chinese-style tassel elements blend in, emitting a strong sense of Chinese style. Utilizing a variety of material components interwoven, creating a textured surface with subtle irregularities, presenting a handmade fabric texture. Cleverly incorporating spandex elements, delicate and elastic, providing a more comfortable wearing experience. The small round collar and open-front design are comfortable and elegant, while the contrasting satin edging details add a touch of luxury. Hand-woven Chinese-style tassel buttons, along with dangling Miao silver bells, infuse this jacket with ethnic characteristics. The geometric diamond-shaped continuous three-dimensional jacquard craftsmanship, combined with Miao blue and white dyeing colors, presents the geometric pattern of the entire jacket's Qiannan totem, woven from deep-hidden blue and white yarns, presenting a three-dimensional geometric pattern.

Fabric Composition: 49.7% Polyester + 48.5% Cotton + 1.8% Elastane

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