EP YAYING Casual Sports Canvas Bag EAJPOB103AW

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Size F
Color white

This canvas bag series features a short and wide bag type with a moderately long and adjustable shoulder strap, making it convenient for both shoulder and hand carrying. Its spacious capacity meets various daily needs such as outings, school, and commuting.
The bag decoration adopts the "Vintage Dragon Key" series from the Yun Cong Long brand, symbolizing the auspicious meaning of unlocking the door to good luck and success, aiming to bring good fortune and wealth.
With the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, using the "Yun Cong Long" series as gifts for the Dragon Year is also a very good choice.
Inspiration: The traditional auspicious image of a dragon head holding a golden key represents the brand's use of hopeful keys to open a new journey. The design embodies a contemporary sense of shining brilliance.
Matching Brooches: Three matching brooch pendants are included as complimentary accessories with the bag, adding more playfulness to the overall ensemble.

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton"

"Bag Size: 470mm120mm330mm"

"Note: Three decorations are included as complimentary gifts.

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