EP YAYING Air Layer Sports Jacket EGJPW1218AM

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Size 4
Color beige

Featuring a natural color wool air layer with floral patterns, this slightly loose-fitting, straight-cut sweatshirt is designed with a hip-hugging hemline for a comfortable and inclusive fit. The classic silhouette is complemented by color-contrasting ribbons, drawstrings, and zipper decorations, adding a touch of athleticism. Crafted from a blend of air-layered wool, luxurious silk, and polyester modal, the material is soft to the touch and incorporates air layer technology for a fabric that is both soft and airy. The tight and secure construction ensures the fabric maintains its structure and resists deformation.

64.9% Regenerated Cellulose Fibres + 19.9% Polyester + 8.9% Wool + 6.3% Elastane

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