YAYING V-neck Waist-fitted Dress EPJET4675AB

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Size 4
Color blue

Waist-collecting swing tank dress, selected imported triviscose and polyester blended mesh fabric, feels dry, light and thin with excellent drape, wearing light and comfortable. The grid knitting structure has strong inclusivity and is suitable for the season. Using newly developed bamboo leaf pleating technique, the pleats are smooth and natural, adding elegance and dynamism to the skirt. The waist is laced with gold thread, highlighting the quality and ingenuity in the details. The neckline is hand-woven with positioned pearl chains, elegant and delicate. The hem naturally spreads out, highlighting the waistline, and showcasing the graceful and diverse charm of women. The elegant and agile stone blue color can highlight the beauty of the skin, and the clever waist design enhances the temperament, showcasing the graceful posture of women.

Fabric Composition: 66.9% Triacetate + 33.1% Polyester

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