YAYING Triacetate Knitwear EPJPS9901AH

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Size 4
Color black

The slim-fit round-neck short-sleeved knitted pullover fits snugly but not tightly against the body, while the collar is crafted with fishline thread to create a radial transparent effect.

The front panel is seamless, featuring vertical stripes resembling pleats, and adorned with pearl and rhinestone embellishments at the collar, adding exquisite elegance.

Crafted from silk acetate yarn, it offers a smooth, cool touch, along with softness, comfort, and easy maintenance. The natural fibers of the silk are soft, delicate, and exude an elegant and noble luster.

Õë֯³ɷݣº53%Èý´×õ¥ÏËά53%TRIACETATE23.5%ɣ²Ï˿23.5%SILK14.8%½õÂÚ14.8%NYLON8.7%¾Ûõ¥±¡ĤÏËά8.7%polyester film fiber

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