YAYING Tailored Slim Fit Jeans EPJPDJ605AB

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Size 4
Color blue

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Slim-fit cropped jeans with decorative buttons on both sides of the waist, featuring auspicious ornaments. With a simple upper body, it can create a relaxed and chic look without exerting much effort. The 3D tailored cut enhances the fullness of the buttocks, and the custom-designed Yaying emblem with the auspicious symbol is embroidered on the right rear pocket, symbolizing good wishes. The hand-rubbed horse-riding pattern adds a fashionable touch. Made of Lycra denim, the fabric is of high quality with a high count of cotton yarn on all sides, providing a soft and delicate texture. With the addition of elastic fibers, the fabric has elasticity, ensuring comfort and stretchiness, even during physical activities.