YAYING Silk Flower Brocade Dress EPJES4663AW

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Size 4
Color white

Elegant floral dress, showcasing contemporary East Asian elegance, with the neckline intricately embroidered by skilled craftsmen, featuring auspicious ribbon embroidery, finely crafted, exuding Oriental charm. The intangible cultural heritage Huaro weaving is captivating due to its "graceful demeanor, thin yarn like smoke" with a unique weaving technique, featuring "yarn voids" on the surface, providing a light and refreshing presence on hot summer days, remaining comfortable and cool. At the same time, the neckline is adorned with golden beads, with a complex process and elegant atmosphere; the entire dress is tailored in 3D, outlining the graceful curves of women, showcasing charm and noble taste. Yaying accompanies you to convey the beauty of intangible cultural heritage, using the light of the nation to interpret the timeless charm of China.

Fabric Composition: 100% Silk

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