YAYING New Chinese-style Jacket EPJPS1108AO

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Size 4
Color orange

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The elegant Chinese-style diagonally-buttoned short jacket features a clean and sleek silhouette, with a casual yet graceful Chinese-style stand-up collar. The overlapping diagonal plackets exude a stylish charm, adorned with hand-stitched pearl-embellished peony buttons, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship for the New Year attire.

The design of the Yunlong Song brocade embodies a sense of ancient elegance, with traditional dragon and phoenix patterns symbolizing harmony and blessings, representing happiness, health, and good fortune. Through the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, the Song brocade jacquard technique brings the flower patterns to life with a brilliant sheen. The lush vines symbolize continuous growth and prosperity, while the flourishing branches signify auspiciousness.