YAYING Merino Wool Silk Patchwork Knit Sweater EPIAW9122AH

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Size 4
Color black
Needle-loom Stitched Round-Neck Straight-Cut Cardigan, Silk Patchwork with Positional Print Fabric, Utilizing New Zealand's Golden Merino Wool in the Knit Section, the Precious and Fine Fibers are Crafted into a Lightweight Texture. The Sleeves Feature Positional Inlay Flower Craftsmanship, Creating a Novel and Unique Look. Overall, it provides a soft touch, reminiscent of a gentle jade-like sensation.
Knit Composition:

41.2% Viscose
28% Polyester Fiber (including Polyester Thin Film Fiber)
25.1% Mulberry Silk
5.7% Nylon
Lining Composition:

90.3% Mulberry Silk
9.7% Spandex
Excluding decorations.

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