YAYING Embroidered Jacket EPJEA1246AG

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Size 4
Color green

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This jacket adopts a double-layered structure with high-density polyester fabric, showcasing a glossy texture that exudes quality without feeling heavy. Its loose-fitting design offers great versatility, suitable for various body types.

The cloud shoulder is crafted with intricate embroidery, reflecting the artisan spirit, while the satin texture adds an elegant sheen. Inspired by the Chinese cultural relics of cloud shoulders in the British Museum, the embroidery incorporates symbolic elements such as peonies, auspicious clouds, scrolls, Ruyi motifs, lion pairs, and grapes. These patterns symbolize auspiciousness, wealth, prosperity, elegance, dignity, blessings, good fortune, vitality, all wishes fulfilled, and many offspring.

The elaborate embroidery employs five different stitching techniques including insert, single, wrap, gold coil, and seed stitch, resulting in a combination of solid and void spaces with a sense of rhythm. Pure imported gold and silver threads are used to outline the floral patterns, creating a three-dimensional effect with each stitch meticulously placed.

This baseball jacket is not just a fashion garment but also an artwork that integrates traditional Chinese culture with modern craftsmanship. It showcases Chinese embroidery techniques and auspicious culture, embodying a blend of heritage and innovation.