YAYING Elegant Wool Knit Sweater EPIAW9522AH

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Size 4
Color black
This half-high collar lantern sleeve, fitted inner pullover sweater is crafted with a blend of onion-like wool yarn. It features a fishnet neckline design that is subtly sheer, adding an elegant allure. Designed to hug the body, it incorporates textured side panel variations for waistline contouring. The neckline is delicately embellished with rhinestones and pearl accents, while the cuffs are adorned with exquisite beadwork.
Knit Composition 1:

39.1% Merino Wool
30.4% Polyester Fiber (including Polyester Thin Film Fiber)
15.6% Cashmere
14.9% Viscose (excluding decorations)
Knit Composition 2:

100% Polyester Fiber (excluding decorations)

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