YAYING Acetic Acid Square Shoulder T-shirt EPJET5303AW

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Size 4
Color white

Loose round-neck T-shirt, with an oversized design providing strong inclusivity and a relaxed fit. The collar is made of knitted ribbed material, skin-friendly and not easily deformed. Double flat seam technique is incorporated with anti-pulling thread technology, making the garment more durable. Featuring the design theme of "As You Wish Window Grille," the pattern on the back piece echoes with the small "as you wish" pattern on the left chest, adding a bright touch to the overall design, symbolizing happiness and auspiciousness. The body of the shirt is made of acetate fabric, providing a cool touch and bringing a comfortable wearing experience.

Fabric Composition: 85.6% Triacetate + 14.4% Polyester

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