EP YAYING Traditional Chinese Style Floral Suspenders Dress EGJEA4215BB

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Size 4
Color blue

Printed Halter Pleated Dress, crafted from silky hand-pleated fabric, with a bright luster, not only smooth to the touch but also easy to wash and care for. The meticulous craftsmanship of hand-made paper molds and other techniques combine to create rich pleating effects. The neckline features a scalloped design with hollowed-out craftsmanship embellishments, subtly complemented by pairing with a versatile jacket, showcasing elegance. Naturally cinched at the waist, the craftsmanship of the pleated skirt combined with the creative use of printed fabric gives the skirt a sense of liveliness.

Fabric Composition: 97% Polyester + 3% Elastane

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