EP YAYING Straight Wide-Leg Jeans EGJPDJ612BB

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Size 4
Color blue

Straight Leg Wide-Leg Jeans, the wide-leg design can effectively shape the body's lines, showcasing the wearer's graceful figure. The front diagonal design of the side seam adds a relaxed and natural feel to the pants, which can show off the wearer's leg lines and increase comfort when worn. The pants feature a colorful micro-bead hot drilling technique, adding texture and fashion to the pants. Additionally, the design of the dividing line emphasizes the pants' lines, giving the overall appearance a three-dimensional and layered feel. This straight leg wide-leg pants design pays great attention to creating comfort and a sense of fashion, making these pants an attractive fashion item.

Fabric Composition: 73% Cotton + 24.7% Polyester + 2.3% Elastane

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