EP YAYING Peony Jacquard Knit Sweater EGJEW9171AM

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Size 4
Color beige

Round V-neck cardigan with a touch of elegance, carefully crafted from a high proportion of wool to impart a plush and soft texture to the garment. The polyester component utilizes advanced hollow technology, resulting in a remarkably lightweight and dry feel, with a strong structural sense. The boxy long sleeves cardigan offers a simple, loose, and comfortable fit, with excellent adaptability. The combination of the round and V-neck styles serves to accentuate the neckline. The peony floral elements in the jacquard weave present an exquisite touch, highlighting the graceful and feminine demeanor of women. The contrast ribbed hem adds a sense of strength to the entire garment.

36.1% Wool + 34% Polyester + 29.9% Viscose

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