EP YAYING Micro Flare Slimming Jeans EGJPDJ621AW

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Size 4
Color white

Mulberry Silk Denim, combines the smoothness of silk protein fiber with the toughness of denim, skillfully integrating animal protein fiber into denim fabric through high-tech processes. The high proportion of mulberry silk makes the fabric feel smoother. In terms of tailoring, these pants feature a slight flare design, with diagonal side seam splits to make the pants more fitted and cleverly shape the legs. In terms of color, the popular plum pink is chosen, combining simple styles with garment dyeing techniques, highlighting fashion while adding a gentle and romantic atmosphere.

Fabric Composition: 62.1% Cotton + 17% Regenerated Cellulose Fibres + 14% Polyester + 6.5% Silk + 0.4% Elastane

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