EP YAYING Elegant Auspicious High Heels EAJPLXL01AK

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Size 36
Color brown

Classic calfskin upper, with a warm and high-grade matte finish for a comfortable and soft feel. The inner layer, made of sheepskin, is skin-friendly and breathable.

Elegant and auspicious decorative buckle: The gourd symbolizes wealth, harmony, prosperity, and longevity, carrying positive connotations. The tone-matching lacquer craft buckle complements the monochrome calfskin upper, presenting a sophisticated and clean single shoe.

Square and widened shoe opening accommodates a broader foot volume, allowing for freedom of movement and enhanced comfort. The streamlined shoe edge design exhibits graceful lines, accommodating high insteps and wider feet effortlessly.

Upgraded insole with thickened latex, providing a soft and comfortable step, enhancing wearing comfort. The latex-embossed peony petal craftsmanship presents delicate lines for added refinement.

Enhanced outsole with a brand-exclusive design, incorporating the EP LOGO into a cocoon and silk pattern. Conveying the brand's visual symbol and value proposition of "One needle, one thread, one cocoon, one world." The pattern combines texture with rubber material, increasing friction for safety, anti-slip, and steady walking.

6.6CM lacquered heel, adding an elegant lift and instantly elongating the leg silhouette. Easy to control, comfortable to wear, showcasing confidence and charm.


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