EP YAYING Spiritual Fingerprint Shoes

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Color Beige

1. the upper is like a fingerprint pattern, interpretation of elegant and feminine female power
2. injection luminous process, the use of safe non-toxic luminous powder, high brightness, strong photoreceptor, continuous cycle of light, the future of technology, daily illumination travel
3. breathable mesh material, sports can also bring a sense of free breathing feet, calfskin more soft and comfortable, 5.5cm heel height, elongate the calf line, invisible height, thin
4. super-elastic latex insoles, rebound coefficient of 65%, ergonomic insole design, arch comfort support, to avoid flat feet
5. midsole hardness 60, in line with human walking needs, both to ensure that the walking process does not lean back, but also to ensure that the wear does not deform, and give heel support, walking posture more upright
6. energy five-color running shoes, each color represents a different personality of the girl Image, different with show different temperament

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