EP YAYING Lively Fingerprint Shoes

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Size 4
Color beige
1. The shoe upper features a fingerprint pattern, showcasing the feminine power in elegance and grace.
2. The injection-molded luminous technology utilizes safe and non-toxic luminous powder, offering high brightness and strong photo sensitivity. It continuously emits light, exuding a futuristic and tech-inspired vibe while providing illumination for daily activities.
3. The breathable mesh material allows for a free and breathable experience even during sports. The cowhide leather is soft and comfortable. With a 5.5cm heel height, it elongates the leg line, invisible height increase, creating a slim and elongated appearance.
4. The super elastic latex insole has a rebound coefficient of 65%, designed ergonomically to provide comfortable arch support and prevent flat feet.
5. The midsole has a hardness of 60, meeting the demands of human walking. It ensures that the shoe does not tilt backward during walking, maintains its shape, and provides heel support for a more upright posture.
6. The energy-inspired five-color running shoes represent different personalities of girls. Each color embodies a unique image, and different combinations showcase various styles.

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